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Scene Strength

No matter what scene your talking about wether it be metal, punk, hardcore, black metal, Celtic rock, in the SF Bay Area, Iowa, New York or where ever the scene is only as strong as the people on it.

It takes many dedicated people willing to dedicate time, gas, heart, soul, brains, and even money to the music. Without people to putting in the effort the scene fades.

I have seen scenes fade, grow strong, and almost die but they always come back. It is always changing, people come and go. It take people to run venues, play in bands, book shows, distribute flyers, organize crews, and fight the good fight. Bands have to be willing to play for little money for the love of the music to make the scenes thrive.

UNITY! Unity in the scenes make it stronger. Listen to operation ivy and youth of today learn about Unity. Fights, funk, hostility all break apart scenes.

I would even like to see different scenes working together.

The Hive Zine #2 1996 Featuring Interviews with Downshift, Built to Last, ZBS, and All Bets Off

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HaywardHC Underground Hardcore, Metal & Punk Podcast Back up again

We have uploaded all 11 Episodes of the HaywardHC Underground Hardcore, Metal & Punk Podcast on a new website.


Please Download the episodes give them a listen and enjoy these great bands. We are trying to see how good this new website really is for hosting our podcast.

924 Gilman 3-8-13


924 Gilman 3-8-13
Star Destroyer
Zombie DeathStench
Umbilical Noose

Into the pit metal night, Titawny Cook The Forge Productions. Into the pit airs 9:00pm- midnight Tuesday nights on KCRH 89.9 FM with hosts Titawny Cook and Thomas Boots. You can also stream the show on KCRHradio.com

I was impressed by the production company and promoters work on this show.

The first Band Nephlim was very interesting they had a female singer singing throat style which is always cool. They all dressed up like demons with kinda corny outfits especially the keyboard player. The guitar player had a interesting wolf head on and the singer had a big fake plastic sword most of the time. That I have no respect for, it has to be a metal sword don’t fake it. The music was not very tight more all over the place and out of sync

I didn’t get to see umbilical noose I was having a beer at pyramid brewery sorry guys.

Dammit! is a trash metal band with older guys. I dug the music but the singing wasn’t what I like they are tight musically but the singer was a little stiff for my taste but they had me movin so I would see them again.

Zombie Deathstench I really liked these guys they were real trash style hard rockin guitars with good vocals. They really rocked the house and had a good pit. They seemed to have a good size draw. I really want to see Zombie Deathstench again and buy a CD



Hemorage is a great band it was my first time seeing them and I was impressed. Strange thing is they had one of the smallest crowds but it was their loss because Hemorage is good and puts on a great live show. They had a great intensity and great trash style I do have to say the guitarists can use a little work more solos and technical rifts are needed to step them up to the next level. I found the singer/ lead guitar player interesting with a despicable me minion shirt and shorts but its cool to see someone be themselves. I want to see these guys again for sure. They performed a cover of LMAFOs shots and had they house going crazy



Star Destroyer the headliner of the show rocked the House! I am a little impartial when it comes to these guys because they are my friends and the singer Steve is my best friend. But they do have a great line up two guitar players that are technical and have great solos, a drummer that is amazing, a bass player that is second to none and a singer that is so in tune with the music the stage and the crowd. They have a great stage presence and live show. You will never be let down when you see these guys. Dave Carbon joined the ban for a song and that was great. The pits for Star Destroyer was rockin hard.










It was a good show and a fun night got to see a lot of propel I haven’t seen in a while and my 15 year old son went with me.

The Hive Zine #1 1996 Featuring Interviews with Second Coming, Carbon, Hoods, and Blood for Blood

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